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What to Expect

The First thing you can expect in coming to my studio is a smile. The second is a sigh of relief because you can relax and let me do it all. I have spent many years photographing children and I have the patience to turn any screamer into a dreamer. Not only do I photograph the more traditional look I also have many custom designed sets that no one else has. So, if you are looking for a more one of a kind (couture) look to your photography and you want a real one of a kind piece of art for your wall, you have come to the right place.

Chest of Fun:

For the young-ins we have a chest full of fun accessories you can use for free. In this chest you will find: Tu tu's, ties, suspenders, fun hats, pearls, etc...

Birthday Shoot: $25

What is a Birthday shoot?

Bring in your child's Birthday cake and let's have some fun. This is an add on to any session for $25.

What to Bring / Lifestyles

Bring several outfits that are indicative to your style. What do you do for a living? What does your husband do? What are your hobbies or interests? I can incorporate these ideas into your sessions: Maternity, Newborn, Child or Family.

For Example:

I had a husband in the fire dept. so he brought in his jacket, pants and boots and we used it in the photo shoot. They wanted more of a traditional look with a white seamless background, but anything is possible.

Manuel Solice said:

Sessions with Carl are nothing but exciting and entertaining. Carl is super enthusiastic and animated , showing you how to pose for each shot. This isn't just any portrait session, its an experience.